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A Unique Place for Actors

to explore & enjoy the art of theatre

Rising City Arts offers unique opportunities for adults and children to explore and enjoy the art of theatre-making. 

 We serve the New York metro area with high quality, innovative theatre and acting-based classes, workshops and in-school residencies taught by some of New York’s finest Acting Teachers. 

Our approach to the craft builds smart actors with a greater awareness of self, community, confidence and artistic potential.


We continually seek to grow in connection with what drives our creative spirit 

RISING CITY ARTS ~ 87 Fawn Hill Road ~ Tuxedo, NY ~ 10987

Dina Comolli ~ Executive Director ~ (718) 986 - 0967 ~

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About Us

About Us


Rising City Arts launched in 2010 with a big heart, loads of arts in the classroom experience and a serious passion to help kids and adults enjoy the process of creating theatre with others.

For six years, we became immersed with our community in Astoria, Queens – forging positive professional relationships with public and private schools and community organizations in our neighborhood. Our programs always shine with excellently talented Teaching Artists who possess compassion, positive energy and a gift for shaping and sharing theatre arts. There is always a love for the magic of the theatre behind all that we do.

Over time, our clients & friends spread the word so we branched out beyond our beloved Queens and began collaborations in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In 2017, we launched Rising City Arts NORTH, up here in the beautiful Lower Hudson Valley where we now reside. We are so grateful to share and grow in our new community.

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  The Living Green Superheroes Project        The High School of Applied Communications



Dina Comolli, Executive Director/Co-Founder/Teaching Artist

Dina is a sixteen year veteran of New York City Teaching Artistry who specializes in developing innovative theater programming for youth. She holds an MFA in Acting from Harvard’s American Repertory Theater Program for Advanced Theater Training and a BA in Theater from DeSales University in Allentown, PA. In addition to running operations and teaching for Rising City Arts, Dina teaches Vinyasa Yoga. Previously, Dina spent many years teaching ELLS and Seniors with The Queens Theatre and The Center for Arts Education, two years at Dodge High School in the Bronx through the Counseling In Schools National Network (CSNN) and nine glorious years teaching acting with City Lights Youth Theater. In addition to many residencies with The Queens Library and Arts to Grow, past work includes residencies with The Creative Arts Team’s ELTA program, Claire’s Creative Adventures and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Dina loved her three years at PS/IS 123 in the Bronx where she was a post September 11th Crisis Counselor for Project Liberty. 

Julian Rozzell, Education Coordinator/Co-Founder/Teaching Artist

Julian Rozzell is a founding member and a Program Coordinator with Rising City Arts. Mr. Rozzell has worked at such schools as The Academy of Finance and Enterprise, High School of Applied Communication and PS 69. Previously, he had been a teaching artist through City Lights Youth Theatre, Manhattan New Music Project and Possible Arts. He has developed and conducted residencies in schools all over New York City, including the Bronx School for Writers and Artists, Bronx Latin School, PS 125, PS 140, PS 107, PS 182, and CS 61.  He has designed and led workshops for Odyssey House and the Flatbush YMCA of Brooklyn, NY. Julian also taught performance workshops at the Horizons Academy at Rikers Island, where  Mr. Rozzell led a drama residency for three years.


Three cheers for 

Our Rising City Arts Teaching Artist Team, past & present... gratitude, we honor your creativity & commitment to sharing the art of theatre!

Meghan Blakeman

April Brenner

Heather Cambanes

Nicolas Paul Carter

Jessica Cermak

Dina Comolli

Tammi Cubilette

Courtnet Dowdell

Kate Fonville

Morgan Geisert

Joyce Griffin

Melissa House

Devin Haqq

Alvin Keith

Lauren Kivowitz

Adam Mace

Phil Newsome

Lori Parquet


Jodi Pfau


Maggie Robbins


Julian Rozzell Jr.


Shawn Renfro


Amber Swenson


David Tabatsky


Laurine Towler

Lindsay Rae Taylor

Rebecca Versaci

Ariel Warmflash

Liz Wexler

Todd Woodard

Jeff Wills

Keren Yuval


What is a Teaching Artist? A Teaching Artist  is a professional working artist in their given field. In the classroom, they help provide a tangible link between the creative process and all kinds of learning by sharing artistic activities with students that foster creative expression, discipline, collaboration, self-awareness, personal transformation and the human drive to make sense out of the world. 

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Our Programs

The In School Residency

A period of time in which one or more Teaching Artists  partner intensively with Classroom Teachers to guide groups of students on one or more classroom curriculum infused theatre projects.

  • Short or long term

  • Includes performance sharing of work

The After School Program

An organized program in which one or more Teaching Artists invite youth to participate in the arts outside of the traditional school day

  • Runs from one to five days per week

  • Short or long term (more effective when longer)

  • Usually culminates in a more elaborate performance sharing of work

The Workshop

An educational and entertaining seminar or series of one day sessions emphasizing interaction and exchange or artistic information among any number of participants.

  • Generally runs shorter term

  • Sharing of work only among workshop participants

The Special Project

An arts experience, including in-school performances by professional artists or field trips to theatrical performances with related accompanying in class lessons.

  • Special Projects work well in conjunction with other programs

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Our Courses

for Youth


The Fundamentals of Theatre Making

This high energy fundamentals of theatre-making program helps unlock the power of the creative imagination through performance studies. We will delve into scene work, improvisation, theatre games, relaxation techniques, vocal/physical warm-ups & theatrical movement as a way of revealing a sense of character, place and action. This residency concludes nicely with a formal or informal performance sharing. 

Epiphany 2016 006.JPG

Grades 2 - 12


Grades 5 - 12


This super cool literacy and performance-based program centers around the exploration of Shakespeare's key plays. Students will put on their actor hats while they learn the basics of approaching and conquering poetic text, character, classical period and plot. This residency's goal is performance so students will have the opportunity to shine their strengths through drama and poetry. 


With fun and engaging theatre based games and activities, kids learn about how to reduce their carbon footprint by conserving energy, reducing waste, decreasing air pollution and supporting local farming. With this important knowledge, students create original superhero characters and stories about how to save the planet earth from destruction. All props and costumes are made from recycled items. This program concludes in an outdoor play sharing and optional tree planting ceremony. 

St D's 2.JPG

Grades 3 - 6


for Children with Special Needs

Mercy Home 2013 005.JPG

This playful program offers an introduction to theatre-making, character development and storytelling with children & teens on the autism spectrum. With a focus on enhancing social interaction skills and emotional intelligence, our Rising City Drama Therapists joyfully share the many gifts of creative storytelling and physical expression. 

Grades 2 - 12


This vital life skills course works to enhance a student's positive social interactions while offering an in-depth look at direct communication in job interviews, work/family/peer related situations, public speaking events and professional social gatherings. Teaching Artists will facilitate theatre games, voice and diction exercises, improvisational scene work, relaxation techniques and video recorded mock interviews. 


Grades 6 - 12


fairytale adventures.jpg

This joyful acting program, powered with creative explorations through fairytales and children’s stories, is guaranteed to make kids smile. With the use of improvisational games and techniques; budding Actors will come together and play; becoming familiar with the fundamentals of character development, story structure and boundless creativity. Imaginations run wild as students are encouraged to collectively re-imagine and re-create their chosen stories in preparation for a Fairytale Adventures Sharing on the final day of class.

Grades 1 - 4

More Courses


Playwrighting Program

In this highly imaginative playwrighting residency, students are guided to interpret a piece of classical artwork and adapt it into a scene or short play. Teaching Artists will teach dramatic structure, character development, dialogue improvisations and monologue writing while the kids dynamically write and revise and write some more. This program inclues a staged reading or semi-staged production or original student work. 

Epiphany Playwriting.JPG
HSAC 2012 Final Sharing 019.JPG

Grades 4 - 12

for Adults


Ages 18 - 100


and Creative Scenes

It doesn't matter your profession or prior experience. Improvisation is a learned skill that has the power to inject your life with more spontaneity and "yes, and..." mojo.  Expect loads of laughter as we journey through the basic rules of improvisation, all the while building skills through group and partner comedy improvisational games. Once themes and characters begin to emerge, the group will begin to script scenes for a possible final performance. 


for Adults

This class offers a double dose of serious actor fun for adults with Master Teachers at the helm to guide you into the world of Improvisation and Acting Technique. Release your inner actor with in-depth explorations into the fundamentals of character development and given circumstances. Learn to play an action with truthful emotion and personal presence as you work through monologues and duo scenes. Expect a lot of laughter with a hint of drama! Final performance sharing is optional. 

Adult Class.jpg

Ages 18 - 100

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Rising City Arts Partnerships

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Contact Us

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Office Address 



87 Fawn Hill Road

Tuxedo Park, NY 10987

Dina Comolli, Executive Director

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Rising City Arts Phone


(718) 986 - 0967


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