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Rising City rocked the night away with over 100 guests on March 30th, 2012 at Greenhouse (NYC’s premiere eco-friendly nightclub) in celebration of Program Director, Liz Wexler’s 30th birthday.

Thanks to all who attended our 30K for RCA Benefit Party!

Mighty MOUSES (donated $30 and up)

Joani Wormer

Lorca Peress

Amanda Rivera

Michele Black

Kathleen McMillan

Karla Leon

Natalie Hinds

Luke Stoffel

William Ensminger

Alex Gershuny

Talia Greenwald

Di Di Chan

Kaitlyn Buckley 
CJ Lee

Incredible HULKS (donated $50 and up)

Robin Schlenger

Rob Marchesani

Dana Miller

Franklin Mora

Lydia Ross

Tracey Debnar

Amazing Super(Wo)Men  (donated $100 and up)

Roger Cacciotti

Natalie Rozzell

Rubin DeParis

Conor Flynn

Funmi Olosunde

Laura von Holt

Leah Goldman & Justin Manjourides

Demetri Bonaros

Lyn & David Grogan

Katy Pape

Jim and Kristine Comolli

Peter Herrick

Christine Nguyen

Gia and Dino Liva

William Metzo

Melissa Fenton 

Michi and Jim Wexler

Helen and Al Comolli

Victoria Harman

Tim & Susan Wexler

Melissa Laferriere

Ira and Elise Goldman


A Special Thanks to All of Our Generous Superhero Sponsors!


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Thank you to all of the talented Rising City Arts Teaching Artists who share their passions, dedication and artistic theatrical gifts with childern each year.   Bravo!

Julian Rozzell 

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Todd Woodard

Camilo Almonacid

Courtney Dowdell

Morgan Geisert

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Adam Mace

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